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Do you wish a link to your own homepage here, too?

You have the possibility here to apply a mouse click link to your own homepage, included with your head picture! Simply give me your URL address by e-mail and either send me your picture file as a binary mail (e.g. convert the head picture graphic file with the command uuencode path\file.gif file.gif file.asc to a standard text file, then send file.asc e.g. with mailx -s "Head picture to my homepage" <file.asc under UNIX) or give me its FTP download URL address so I can get it myself. Very important: The picture's size may only 300×100 pixels in maximum and its file size mustn't be bigger than 9 KB!. The file format is indifferent because I've a very powerful picture converting software tool. If your picture's file size is too big although so I will reduce its colour depth on my opinion. This offer is only valid for private people who wouldn't effect any commercial interests!

Last update: April 21st, 1997

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