The software tap for your computer

Brass-made tap from which diskettes are gushing out

Please allocate a small free space on your hard drive because you find a small collection of self-written programs here. Look on the symbol at each time for which operating system each program is written:

Microsoft MS-DOS® logo Microsoft GW-BASIC® logo from Windows® Software for standard IBM compatibles under DOS, written in GW-BASIC. To getting start you have to change into your desired directory in DOS, then type GWBASIC (or BASIC resp. BASICA resp. VBASICA on some older DOS versions), when the Ok prompt is on the screen you can start with run "prgname" where prgname is the corresponding name of the PRGNAME.BAS file which you have downloaded from here. For finishing the BASIC interpreter type system on the keyboard. Important note: Each program is saved as ASCII formatted file, so you can also run it under QBASIC if your haven't got more any GWBASIC.EXE file on your PC.

Microsoft MS-DOS® logo Microsoft QuickBASIC® logo from Windows® Software for standard IBM compatibles under DOS 5.0 or higher, written in QuickBASIC, especially for the included version QBASIC.EXE of every DOS version 5.0 and higher. For starting change in the desired directory, type qbasic on your keyboard, then select File, Open to load the program and start it with the F5 key. Attention: These programs won't more work with the GWBASIC.EXE interpreter because they contain SUB-STATIC procedures and they haven't got longer any line numbers! In this case your have to update your current DOS to version DOS 5.0 or above (hardware requirements to run QuickBASIC properly: min. 500 KB free conventional memory).

So, enough of the long speech, here the choice (will be extended continually!):

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