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Abstract pattern composed with logarithmic spirals
Personal preface about this homepage

Time axis calendar from the ancient Greek temple to the today's
Genesis of my homepage

Market stand with scales and fruits
A. Meile's private second hand market

Section of a Mandelbrot graphic. Bigger extent of 8¾ KB
Watch into the Mandelbrot's gallery!

Human brain as an organ
Mental jerks for your grey brain cells

Brass-made tap from which diskettes are gushing out
The software tap for your computer

Road signpost with eight directions
The Internet signpost to a few of nice URL addresses

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Three-dimensional body with waved, checked surface. Bigger extent of
22¾ KB

About myself

Decoration banner of »MDLink«. Bigger extent of 7 KB
This homepage has been certified on June 1996 by Member's Discount Link as an exemplary of creativity especially.

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