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Informatics class 6 Ia general

To sell

2 books »Aufgabensammlung zur Analysis« (homework collection for analysis) written by G. N. Berman, Harry Deutsch, Thun und Frankfurt publishing, German language, ISBN 3-87144-506-1, all having original value (welded originally), for SFr. 26.-- each

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A. Meile private:

To sell

1 386SX main board ASI 2036SX 16 MHz, with 2 8 bit slots and 6 16 bit ISA slots, AMI® BIOS (CMOS type 47 [User type] supported), 12 DRAM sockets for 20 pin 1MBit DRAM beetles where 4 sockets are also for 18 pins (multi sockets), 4 SIMM banks 30 pins, without documentation, but in perfect condition, for SFr. 12.-- only

6 DRAM beetles 1MBit single, 20 pin execution, fitting for the main board above, also suitable for tuning up your graphic card (e.g. OAK® OTI-067), for SFr. 2.-- each

32 DRAM beetles 256KBit single, 16 pin execution, ideal for RAM expansion of your old 286 PC, for SFr. --.30 each

4 SIMM memory units 256 Kbytes, 30 poles execution with 3 IC's, suitable for the main board above, for SFr. 3.-- each

1 multi IO interface card, 16 bit ISA execution, 1× parallel, 2× serial (UART 8250), 1 joystick port, floppy and hard disk controller IDE-AT, without documentation, but jumpers are available which are activated in such a way, that they work properly with the main board above, complete with connection cables for SFr. 3.--

1 multi IO interface card, 16 bit ISA execution, 1× parallel, 2× serial (UART 8250), 1 joystick port, floppy and hard disk controller IDE-AT, all ports are freely configurable and can be disabled, if needed, complete with instruction sheet and connection cables for SFr. 4.--

1 Kickstart 1.2 ROM (original) suitable for Commodore AMIGA 500/2000 for SFr. 3.--

1 set of Kickstart 3.0 ROMs (likewise original) suitable for Commodore AMIGA 1200/4000 for SFr. 20.--

1 CD-ROM controller card 8 bit ISA execution, 2×20 pin plug socket, stereo cinch bushes, port address configurable from 300h to 370h for SFr. 4.--

1 »Letter Gothic« font cartridge for HP DeskJet, art. Nº HP22706C for SFr. 20.--

1 Epson FX80 printer emulation cartridge for HP DeskJet, useful for software which doesn't support HP DeskJet printers. art. Nº HP22707E for SFr. 15.--

1 book »Mathematik auf dem Commodore 64« (mathematics on Commodore 64) written by Czes Kosniowski, 5¼" floppy disk with program examples included, German language, ISBN 3-89133-008-1 for SFr. 3.--

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I'm looking for the Compact Disc »Hard Travelling« by Dave Sharp. I pay a good price!

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All prices are exclusive cash prices, delivery only during of stock! Interested persons have to inform themselves into the class room 4.403 (new: »HTL Nord« building) of the Fachhochschule Aargau, CH-5210 Windisch or they have to write me an e-mail (info@dreael.ch) directly. You can also ring under Tel. ++41 56/462 24 51 (Monday-Friday during school period) resp. Tel. ++41 52/649 36 05 (weekend+semester holidays).

Last update: November 3rd, 1997

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