Personal preface about this homepage

Abstract pattern composed with logarithmic spirals

Preface to the transformation and new placing of my homepage

Dear readers

The faithful readers being by yourselves might have noticed that no extensions have been done for a longer time. In fact, the actual activities were running in the background last time, especially looking for a solution for an own Web server. Meanwhile it's so far in an intermediate step: You will find my new homepage in a completely new look on an own domain, placed by the provider PC Direkt AG in Neuhausen. In the long-term, I hope for a good development of the competition and decreasing prices with that on the telecommunication market which was liberalised since beginning of this year, so once on a day, you can access to my homepage from my own network directly, which is already running as Intranet.

To all other Web authors, I'd like to strongly recommend of using Strict HTML 4.0 of the Web consortium, because the new concept of the Cascading Style Sheets also allows them using colours and individual fonts, but much handier than Netscape's own invention <FONT face=".." color="..">, since there's really a really good basic concept behind it in my opinion, such as the distinction of different display media for example. Likewise, I would like to thank to WebTechs for its valuable aid tool html-check, because it helped me very much to find any HTML errors and »forbidden« HTML tags. Also many thanks is directed to Marco Bührer and his other family for using his Internet connection often outside my school period. For the pure Internet »consumers«, I recommend the use of the most current version of their browser (e.g. Netscape version 4 and above), because the new layout will only unfold in its full beauty then.

Hofen in August 1998

Previous preface

Dear readers

The whole Internet, especially the »World Wide Web«, is known to be very large and wide, there are about 30 millions of users connected in accordance of my knowledge's (this is only a rough estimation, meantime this number may be increased some). That means for you as user a varied supply of ready information on call.

I know from my own experience while rummaging around in the net that the quality of these information's differs very much; there are the big heaps of pure hypertext link pages, cluttered with pictures in the shrillest colours (most for background) in the most cases, so that it isn't possible to read them on the screen without ruining your eyes. But there is the other class of pages, the true »pearls« with nutritious subjects presented carefully. Most of these pages have a simple outfit but you can see their high quality while reading through more exactly only.

The goal of my homepage was (and will it be in the future too) to offer anything which is distinguish clearly from this big heaps, free from the epigraph »quality instead quantity«. That's the reason why the basic layout of each page is held simply (Default colour settings without any background pattern, for which owners with an older modems or a slow data connection are grateful surely, I hope), but the columns are selected and decorated carefully. Although the layout is made less severe with original self-drawn pictures.

In this sense I wish you a lot of enjoying and pleasure while »surfing« through my homepage and I'm glad about each comment on your part.

Hofen in February 1996

Andreas Meile Head picture of my home page author of this homepage

Preface about the page expansion of the April 21st, 1997

Dear Readers

Meanwhile my homepage is already existing for 1½ years ago, so I could ascertain a little of access statistics. The result about that is very pleasant; much more than 60,000 accesses to my page have been done. On this point, I'd like to give my thanks to the true readership, so I tell you some interesting figures of these statistics. The reader's most chosen language was English with 42%, on the second rank, German follows with 41%, French still reaches 17% after all. The international readership's variation is also very pleasant; the spectrum covers beginning from nearly all European states as well as America ending to states like Brazil, Zaire, Indonesia, Israel and many more. In the last time, the English readers are leading clearly, theoretically every 6 minutes an access occurred to my homepage.

Unfortunately there are also some bad news: The day after Easter Monday, the whole family found the cat »Lümmeli« (see page about myself) as a flat, bloody, helpless and dead creature on the roadside, so the whole family must weep... ;-( ;-( The great hope are a pair of kitten, because there is a mother cat in expecting in Bibern. Mew... :-)

Faithful readers like you could enjoy the introduction of my home village Hofen, a really worth seeing village portrait! In that case, I'd like to give many thanks to the local authority, the district council and to the remaining villagers of Hofen and Reiat for supporting with information and photographs, also my brother Armin for the error checking and my brother Ferdinand for helping while the English translation. Any comments are certainly welcome however.

Of course, the principle to my homepage is still offering of any comprehensive and substantial information without any technical frivolities with JAVA and animated pictures which only overtax your PC and the data connections. I would be grateful to all the readers which keep their truth to my homepage and I still wish you a lot of enjoy while browsing for the next time!

Hofen in April 1997

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In addition: On the page about myself you can take that my mother tongue is German. If you find any mistakes in the French or English translation, I'm grateful extremely when you tell them together with a correction suggestion by e-mail. Please always indicate the URL address of the incorrect page (e.g. Thanks very much for your assistance in advance!

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